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Executive Producer/Writer

THE HISPANIC HERITAGE FILM PROJECT: An American Experience An hour-long nationally syndicated family television special featured during Hispanic Heritage Month hosted by Edward James Olmos and Mandy Avila: Sponsored by AT&T, Kodak & Very Special Arts


YOUNG HEART DIARIES Commissioned to write a pilot for ABC Children's Programming about the myths and legends which inspire Latina youth in an after school Literature Club


TANTO TIEMPO (So Much Time) A dramatic journey of a young woman's exploration into her Hispanic heritage: Winner of The Hispanic Film Project Sponsored by Universal Television & the National Hispanic Media Coalition  


HEALTHY BABIES (Bebes Saludables) Three dramatic stories on prenatal healthcare in English/Spanish: Sponsored by Long Beach Hospital & March of Dimes

TRICKS & TRAPS: PROTECT YOURSELF (Trucos y Trampas) Three vignettes exploring the dangers of telemarketing fraud and the methods of victimization prevention in English/Spanish: Sponsored by GTE  

Producer/Director /Writer


THE PUREPECHA: POOREST OF THE POOR A young Latina girl, Stephanie Maldonado, ventures out one summer day to discover that Coachella Valley's Duroville trailer park is home to many Purépecha, a Mesoamerican people with a proud and ancient history. She unveils the social injustice against migrant farm working families who harvest America’s fruits and vegetables in one of the wealthiest tourist destinations and provider of a billion dollar crop industry.

THE HUMAN RIGHTS AGENDA ~ 2010 & BEYOND A short presentation focusing on the Intl. Association of Human Rights Agencies (IAOHRA)/Los Angeles County Commision on Human Rights programs to educate the public on the programs offered throughout the nation.

UNDER THE MAYAN MOONLIGHT An awards presentation on behalf of the Regional Chamber of Commerce honoring thirteen women business owners and the paths taken to success.

JAKE'S BAR MITZVAH PROJECT A fundraising promotion created for the Hollywood Police Activities League to showcase their inspirational youth programs.

HILLARY CLINTON'S RECYCLE CAMPAIGN PROJECT An informational project created to educate the voting population in Oregon as to the importance of recycling.  Also, in this package was a three-part PSA Series, "An Afternoon in the Park with Abigail" citing the importance of women running for office, and "Mothers For Hillary," sharing mothers' insights into choosing a woman candidate for President of the U.S.

DOVE CAMPAIGN FOR REAL BEAUTY A series of 16 ten-minute awareness on-line web sessions educating young women on the importance of Financial Literacy, Public Speaking, Advocacy & Negotiations.

HEALTHY HOMES A 3 part edutainment series, targeting 4th graders on the importance of citing environmental health hazards and asthma triggers at home. Featuring Hosts Christine Devine, Rick Quintero (KTTV-11 News Anchor) & Daryl Sabara (Spy Kids).

ADELANTE MUJER LATINA Inspirational message encouraging and empowering Latina youth to attend college and aspire toward professional careers (partial Spanish): Sponsored by AT&T Wireless, Nestle USA & Women At Work

SURVIVORS A personal look into the lives of women who survived domestic violence and the 30-year-old organization which paved their way: Sponsored by the Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women (LACAAW)

LEARN A two-part series focusing on a nationally innovative educational program inspiring parents, teachers, principals, students, and staff as to its implemental success in Los Angeles's schools. Featuring Linda Alvarez, (NBC-4 News Anchor) in English/Spanish: Sponsored by ARCO

PARENT COMMUNITY SERVICES An educational program visually illustrating the goals of parent involvement with their children and the efforts to strengthen the partnership between home and school. Featuring Christina Sanchez-Camino (KWHY Community Affairs Director) in English/Spanish Sponsored by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)

OUR TOWN An inspiring journey exploring the mission of promoting peace and conflict resolution among multicultural youth: Sponsored by L.A. City Kidz

NUESTRA CASA (Our House) A special Capital Campaign project toward securing endowments for the operation and service of a national legal non-profit center: Sponsored by the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF)

PROTECT THE CHILDREN An informational view of the importance of the prevention and treatment of child abuse: Sponsored by the LAC/USC Center for the Vulnerable Child

WOMEN & CHILDREN FIRST A corporate funding tool toward support for homeless women and children: Sponsored by The United Way

DIVERSITY OUTREACH A presentation project focusing on concerns of attaining more diversity outreach in UCLA alumni recruitment: Via UCLA Alumni Leadership Institute

NCAA FEMALE ATHLETES Recruitment tool featuring the top athletic women's collegiate program and their athletes: Sponsored by UCLA Women's Athletic Department

LATINO INSPIRATION An exploration of positive Latino role models (Gil Garcetti, Linda Griego, Linda Alvarez, Edward James Olmos, Lisa Fernandez & Art Torres): Sponsored by UCLA's Latino Alumni Association 


HEALTHY HOMES Featuring Daryl Sabara (Spy Kids) in a 3 part edutainment series, targeting 4th graders on the importance of citing environmental health hazards and asthma triggers at home.

ADELANTE MUJER LATINA Encouraging and empowering Latina youth to attend the Women At Work 2003 Conference in English/Spanish: Sponsored by AT&T Wireless, Nestle USA & Women At Work

BE COOL, STAY IN SCHOOL Encouraging Latino youth to continue their educational pursuits (featuring Comedian Carlos Mencia & Ace of Base): Sponsored by The Jaime Escalante Program  



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